Sunday : Low Tide & Excavations

LOW TIDE DISCOVERIES: Its the month of RAMZAN, day 1 and moon was a thin crescent last evening, low tide is the feature of Mumbai beaches. It attracts nearby slum dwellers to dig out valuables thrown in or immersed during many local festivals.

low tide 3

SAI BABA : At times they get coins and sometimes small statuettes of saints and goddesses. this saint, SAI BABA, most revered of them all in Maharashtra and mumbai was fished out and left here.

low tide 4
Sai Baba

low tide 5
Low tide, people and a lost goddess.

The man and his dog: the beaches here are such that waves throw away all the plastic and rubbish on to the city. last week the beach cleaning project cleaned around a million ton garbage from another beach nearby. This one needs a project too.

low tide 1

Another beach nearby, Versova beach, located in north-western Mumbai, was one of the dirtiest beaches of the city before the locals decided to clean up the filth. In 85 weeks, the beach underwent a massive makeover – five million kilograms of plastic and filth was removed — with the help of India’s richest civic body, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC, and citizens.